The Counseling Experience 

Good therapy is a relationship between people which works in part because of clearly defined rights and responsibilities held by each person. This helps create the safety to take risks and the support to become empowered to change. Therapy has potential emotional risks. Approaching thoughts or feelings that you have tried not to think about may be painful. Making changes in your beliefs or behaviors can be frightening. Most people who decide to proceed find that therapy is helpful. I will do what I can to help minimize risks and maximize positive outcomes for you. 

Good therapy can also be full of laughter in which you feel a sense of renewed vigor and enthusiasm for your life. Choosing to invest in your personal growth and development can change your world in miraculous ways. A very wise mentor once told me that it is never a mistake to invest in yourself. Therapy is an amazing journey, and I am honored that you would allow me to travel with you awhile as you make this important investment.

Generally, sessions are conversations that consist of my listening to what a client has to say and then responding to clarify what I understand the client to have said. I also may ask the client to explore further the thought, belief or feeling expressed, or may validate the experience. Sometimes I simply remain silent in order to allow the client to process the experience further for self-understanding. When indicated, I will suggest utilizing therapies or techniques that involve working through and releasing cognitive or emotional blocks. We will discuss how they work and what you can expect from the experience if I believe you can benefit. 

It is natural and expected for very strong feelings to arise during the course of therapy; coming to understand such feelings is an important part of the work. While not all therapies meet a client's expectations, and a client's symptoms may become more pronounced during the course of therapy, many therapies do help with releasing painful feelings, difficult memories, or conflicts in relating to others, restoring and creating more meaningful, respectful relationships. I encourage clients during the course of a session to feel free to discuss their experience of movement and growth, as well as challenges in the counseling experience.  

Counseling sessions for individuals typically run 45-50 minutes. Sessions for couples and families run 75-80 minutes. The frequency of sessions and the duration of the counseling relationship are aspects of the work that the client and I decide together. Counseling will continue until the client and I decide our work is complete. 

Therapy is a journey. The first step on your new journey is the most important and often the hardest. It may surprise you to know that you have already taken your first step just by reading this information. Browsing these webpages means that you want more out of're searching for something...and whatever your heart desires you have made the right decision to get help and take action! Through our supportive counseling partnership together, you can begin mobilizing a universe of possiblities, ideas, and energy to create a better life - one step at a time!

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