Fees and Policies

Private pay for individuals, couples and families: 

45-50 minute sessions: These sessions are $100 per session.


80-85 minute sessions: These sessions are $150 per session.

Group sessions: 



Group counseling sessions – 85-90 minutes: These sessions, usually run at different times during the evening hours, and can run 8-12 weeks, once a week at a cost of $30 a session. An intake is provided to ensure an appropriate fit for the participants, and payment is due in full on/or before the start date. It is requested that the client make a commitment to attend all sessions, as there are a limited number of participants attending, and your commitment to the group is a complement to the group process. After making the commitment by reviewing and signing the informed consent form, members who chose not to attend the full series of group meetings will not be eligible for payment reimbursement.   

Your Responsibility As A Client 

I can receive payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card, which clients pays at the end of each session. 


I have reserved this special time for you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to arrive on time. If you are late, I will need to end the session on time so I do not run over into the next client’s session. If you miss a session without canceling, there will be a $25 cancellation charge added to the bill for your next session. An exception to this policy is an unexpected emergency situation preventing your attendance at the session, and a call would be made to me ahead of the appointment time to advise me of the circumstances. 

My preferred form of communication is by phone, and I request that clients/potential clients leave me a voicemail, with clear details of the reason for their call, and I will return their call within the Monday through Thursday business work day.  

You are responsible for the investment you choose to make in the therapeutic process. I will work in cooperation with you to help you achieve your goals, and the major success you achieve in this process is through your desire to be honest and open. This involves effort, risk and possible emotional pain, as well as laughter, happiness, and increased contentment and self-confidence. I commit to walk with you in this journey of growth.  

I do not allow cli
ents to run a bill. I do have several spots available for lower-paying clients, and if one is open I will make it available to you, or we can agree to meet less frequently. I am also able to refer you with other counseling agencies that provide therapy on a sliding fee scale. I am unable to accept bartering for therapy. I reserve the right to terminate therapy if you refuse to pay for counseling, providing you with other possible alternatives for counseling if requested.       


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